機械装置と精密部品加工のエキスパート集団 甲斐ダイアログシステム

Under recruitment of engineers!!The details place it in the employment information.

It fuses, and I design the own motives such as the auto industry, the semiconductor industry, and Kai Dialogue System Co., Ltd. produces the expertise of electricity, the machine. In addition, We are good at a trial manufacture part and modeling, complicated and exact part processing by the manufacturing mainly on the machining center and continue growing up by young power more and more.

The latest information

We exhibit in the 16th M-Tech (Ourdisplayscenery) (July,2012)
We place our product in You Tube. (December,2011)
We uploaded tour of the plant. (February,2011)
We uploaded employment information. (January,2011)
We uploaded the animation of the device. (December,2010
We uploaded the animation of the processing example. (December,2010